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Maureen Preskenis is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Certified A.R.T.® Allergy Release Technique Practitioner.  She is also a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner as recognized through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  Maureen has trained in complimentary modalities such as Reiki I & II and Eden Energy. She is a passionate healer who set out on this journey to promote allergy wellness as a result of the amazing success of her own children completing the A.R.T® protocol. Seeing is Truly Believing!

Maureen founded MP Allergy Wellness, LLC in 2018 with the goal of sharing the healing benefits of A.R.T.® to all those that need it.  

Our A.R.T. Story

My journey in the world of food allergies and asthma was one I had not expected, having grown up without allergies and barely even knowing anyone who had them.  My how that changed when I gave birth to my daughter 15+ years ago.  She was diagnosed with eczema and an egg and dairy allergy by her first birthday.  This soon followed with positive allergy testing to various tree nuts.  My next 2 children also had egg, peanut and tree nut allergies.  I was thrust full throttle into this world of having food allergic children.  Now for anyone who has been there, it does not make for a simple life.  

I had always felt that there had to be something outside of the disappointment felt after coming from our annual allergy appointments.  Nothing was changing for us and we often felt hopeless. Another year of, “We’ll see you in 12 months, until then continue to avoid your allergens.”  Easier said than done.  So armed with my epipens, back into the world we would go.  There I was, ready to micromanage everything that went into my kids' mouths for the next year.  That’s A LOT of food and snacks and playdates and birthday parties and holidays and school.  But I was ready!  I loved these kids more than anything on earth!

That is why I will never forget the moment when a friend on the playground told me about A.R.T. and a woman in Lexington named Amy Thieringer who had helped my friend’s nephew overcome so many allergies.  As my friend put it, her nephew was allergic to everything and I was all ears.  This seemed right up my alley.  But who was this mystery woman and why had I never heard of her?  I had made myself somewhat active in the allergy community, but since Amy was considered an alternative approach, her business spread primarily by word of mouth.

I remember when my oldest, then in 3rd grade, came home from school the day I learned about Amy on the playground.  We sat and read together a blog I had found on-line about a Mom who had moved with her son from Colorado to Lexington, MA just to be seen by Amy.  The blog chronicled in detail the amazing transformation this woman’s son went through from being able to eat only certain foods to eating anything he wanted.  This mom was a warrior for her family and so was I.  I committed to my daughter that day (my younger two were only in kindergarten and preschool), that she was not going to have a life restricted by food allergies.  One day we will be in this program and we are going to be allergy free.  I knew it, I felt it and we did it (but more about that later).


I was all excited when I filled out the new patient info sheet for my kids to be seen by Amy and start A.R.T.  I didn’t even let it get me down when I found out that it could be 3 YEARS before I could see her.  This was the MOST HOPE I had felt about my kids overcoming their food allergies in what felt like forever.


Luckily, about 2 years later and still on Amy’s wait-list, I found she had trained another practitioner who had just started taking patients with epipens.  This is when I met Susie Lee Snell and our lives all changed for the better.  Susie was nothing short of amazing!  We settled into our routine of weekly visits with her quite easily.  Our school system was so supportive as they allowed me to pull my kids midday once a week to attend our appointments.  They understood the journey we were about to embark on was an education in itself.  

As we progressed through the process, my kids allergies started to disappear before my eyes.  Susie helped my kids use their mind body connection to overcome the fear often associated with eating foods they had so long been told to avoid.  She even helped this then nervous mom keep it together.  My kids looked up to Susie.  I can think back to my son, 5 years old at the time, attending a birthday party and when the kid next to him could not eat cake, he looked him straight in the face and said “You need to go see Susie”.


There are so many firsts my kids went through that were giant milestones...from that first ice cream cone or donut at Dunkin Donuts to not telling a server at a restaurant someone at our table has allergies.  I could go on and on.  Most vividly I recall the moment I looked over at my daughter as we were driving home from an allergy appointment where she had been given the green light to eat a certain candy bar.  She had tears in her eyes as she took the first bite.  I asked, “What was wrong?” and she said, “I had always wondered what one of these tasted like.  I have always watched other people eat them and I thought I just never would.”  She had been so good about not complaining about her allergies, I never knew she felt this way.  I mean the impact of this change does not get any more satisfying than that!


Soon after finishing A.R.T., I learned that Amy had decided to train some new practitioners.  I knew this was my chance to make a difference.  There is only ONE Amy and ONE Susie and MANY adults and kids suffering with food allergies and related conditions.  This is now my passion, an unpredicted journey that I have been on the past decade and a half.  I have been working hard to learn the ins and outs of A.R.T. and all the benefits that it has to offer.  It is an art after all. Now, I am ready to make the same commitment that I made to my children to YOU and YOUR loved ones.  I hope you’ll join me and start writing your own story of success!


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