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Clients describe their family’s experience with A.R.T. as "life-changing" for the entire family.


Read the stories they’ve shared in their own words and let them inspire you to begin your own family’s journey toward a full, free and fearless life without allergies.

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Allergy Release Technique worked for me and it could work for you too!   I’ve had allergies all my life.  Growing up I had terrible allergies, allergies to dogs, cats (terrible to cats), mold, dust and in the last ten years I began to have allergies to every type of food.   My breaking points were when 1.) my lips would periodically peel after eating certain foods and 2.) a few times my throat started to close just from eating fruit.   It was becoming emotionally and physically exhausting dealing with my allergies.  By the time I decided to start A.R.T. I had stopped eating most fruits and vegetables and I NEVER went to someone's home if they had a cat.  

I started seeing Maureen about a year ago I’m literally like a new person.   I’m no longer saying no to go to friends and families’ homes because of their pets.  I’m no longer watching the pollen count on tv with my box of Kleenex by my side.   I’ve been eating all fruits and raw vegetables, having salads for my family every night at dinner.   I had a shrimp cocktail today for lunch with no fear!  It was very hard to live a healthy lifestyle when I was so limited to what I was eating.    ART and Maureen helped me to live a much more enjoyable life!


I just want to thank Maureen for taking me on as a client.   Not only do I feel 100 percent better, but it was also an enjoyable experience to see you each week!   You’re very kind and I would recommend your service to anyone.   My only regret is not doing it sooner!   Thank you again Maureen, I don’t think I realized all the things I was missing out on in my life due to my allergies, you changed that for me, took my fear of food and pets away, thank you, thank you, thank you!  



Loved receiving this text message from my client who graduated from ART today and went straight to a local cafe to celebrate.  She overcame her dairy and gluten sensitivities!

 - Kim P, October 2019

ART KP photo.png

"Dear Maureen,

Thank you so much for helping me to be able to cuddle with our new cat, Mickey.

Now I am so happy that Mickey can sleep on my bed."



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